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Natural/Organic products

Terra Pest Solutions is committed to protecting your home from pests inside and out.  We apply products which are 100% natural and fully-biodegradable for most services, particularly when environmental impact is a concern.  Our aim is on the target pest and not the beneficial insects and arachnids which help sustain our ecosystem.  It is of paramount importance to us in our product choice and application methods that the safety and well-being of your family, including pets, comes first and foremost.  

Licensed professional technicians

Our natural pest control services will always begin with a thorough inspection of your home and landscape. It may be necessary to use a variety of techniques including mechanical trapping, exclusions, and/or the use of natural pesticide products.  Whatever pest pressures or concerns you may have, we will develop a plan that best fits your needs.  

Committed to protecting the environment

We understand that all pesticides natural and synthetic can impact any ecosystem.  We apply our products only to target sites for target pests, without endangering fish, birds, and other wildlife which prey on pests and keep our environment in balance.  


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